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"One Thing Leads To Another"

Sargent Tucker

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”ONE THING LEADS TO ANOTHER” Sargent Tucker (ST) was born in New Orleans, historically known as a City deeply rooted in music. ST moved to California as a youngster, continuing his growth in music, amassing a large diverse musical arsenal. His latest single, titled, “One Thing Leads To Another,” displays his maturity in music. This music is sophisticated, versatile, upbeat, with a syncopated funky groove and rhythm that demands attention. ST described, “this track contains elements of my Funk and Jazz Roots”. I can attest ST put in the work, assembling modern Soul, New School R&B, with a Jazzy flavored ending. ST possess a unique artistry! This song is only a peak into the depths of his musical repertoire. ST’s vocals emotionally and melodically takes the listener on a journey through the current state of affairs, starting with a simple heartfelt, “we say hello when we meet”. The expressions of both joy and pain is exemplified in the melody. The lyrics reveal the complexities of relationships, and how innocent conversation, words, a smile, or a tender touch can create expectations. Especially, to a women feeling neglected, needing uplifting or desiring some attention. Thoughts can’t be seen, felt, or heard, therefore, often we use our senses in communication. However, body language is hard to conceal, and highly revealing. ST charted again in 2021, with his Summer Release titled, “It’s All Good”. In 2016, ST Reached (#1) with “I Need Your Love”. And, all of his following releases Charted Top (#10) on the UK Charts. Prior to that, his composition titled, “I AM Happy” was selected as the theme song for the I Am Happy Project, resulting in ST being the featured performer at Hollywood’s Global Happiness Day. Honorees included Will Smith, Ellen Degeneres, Goldie Hawn, and Robbie Williams. Another one of his compositions titled “Stop Telling Me”, recording with his band “Two Things In One” (TTIO), was featured on the Ace Records 2011 Grammy Nominated “Music City Story” Compilation CD/Album liner notes. Afterwards, TTIO, was inducted into the Bay Area Blues Society’s “West Coast Blues Hall of Fame”. While residing in Los Angeles TTIO Changed their name to SKYE. During this period ST attracted the attention of legendary producer Kevin Beamish who also produced ST. An earlier R&B composition titled, “Come See Me”, recorded for Macola Records was featured on the “SUN SET STRIP” Compilation Album with Hip Hop Pioneers: N.W.A (Ice Cube) and Dr. Dre’s “World Class Wreckin’ Cru.” . Sargent Tucker, continues his musical partnership with Grammy Nominated Producer Levi Seacer, former Music Director of the late PRINCE, who again oversees production. Sargent Tucker’s recently scheduled tours were postponed due to COVID. However, ST has created opportunities for his future by continuously writing, arranging, and recording new material. These recent efforts have increased his musical catalog.

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