“Grammy Nominated Producer Levi Seacer, and former Prince Music Director describes Sargent Tucker’s vocal style as distinctive, silky, soulfully smooth, and original”. 

New Orleans born Sargent Tucker’s musical roots can be traced to the San Francisco Bay Area. Music is his true love, but not his only love.  ST, graduated with honors from the University of California Davis (UCD) to uphold a promise to his mother (years after her passing). Sargent Tucker is  a multi-talented singer, song-writer musician whose goal is to continue getting better. His vocal delivery is spirited with hypnotic phrases and melodies with sophisticated syncopated musical grooves that moves you. 

What sets Sargent Tucker apart from other artists is his commitment to delivering positive and uplifting music. ST does not use his craft to demean women or denigrate people. Sargent Tucker sticks to his own narrative, a breath of fresh air in an industry that sometimes glorifies negative behavior. ST’s respect towards others and for women in particular, is genuine. He doesn’t compose music for style points or to follow the latest trends. ST prides himself in being a gentleman who writes meaningful, inspirational, heartfelt lyrics about love, fun, and togetherness. 

ST’s dedication and consistency in his craft has earned him numerous accolades. Recently, ST was hand-picked by the University Of California Davis (UCD) Chancellor’s Office Entertainment Department to be featured in the March 2023, UCD Magazine. Prior to that accomplishment,  ST  was nominated as a finalist for Male Vocalist of the Year in the 2022 Soul Tracks readers’ Choice Awards.  In addition, his latest release “Good Music” was selected on the SoulTracks Music Critics List of the 100 Best Soul Songs of 2022. Also, Sargent Tucker’s, “I Need Your Love” collaboration featuring Drizabone charted #1 in the UK. Earlier, ST’s composition “I AM Happy” was chosen as the theme song for the I Am Happy Project. Subsequently, Sargent Tucker was the featured performer at Hollywood’s Global Happiness Day. Honorees included Will Smith, Ellen Degeneres, Goldie Hawn, and Robbie Williams. Despite his success, Tucker remains humble and focused on continuing to improve and uplift the souls of America through his music. 

“Don’t You Blow It” features soulful harmonies and beautifully constructed, sophisticated instrumentation, which highlights Tucker’s exceptional talent and dedication to his craft. Sargent Tucker’s impetus for writing his latest release “Don’t You Blow It”, was to change the narrative among men and women, from saying such things like: “you have a good woman, don’t mess that up, or you’ve stepped-up in class with this one, hey, you better act right and not blow it, she’s a keeper”. “Don’t You Blow It” is written in defense of all good men. The kind of man who provides for his woman, and smothers her with love. A man who’s willing to give his life to protect his woman, and family. It’s easy to forget that there are many good men in the world, so don’t you blow it!