Sargent Tucker makes his way to fame with immense talent and dedication!  

Time to get to know more about Sargent Tucker                                    

Sargent Tucker (ST), also known as Johnnie, is a New Orleans-born, multi-talented artist. He has established himself as a stellar singer, songwriter, producer, and bass player, yet he hopes to improve his craft even further. He grew up in the Bay Area, where he was surrounded by various forms of music, from Jazz to R&B to Blues to Rock, and more. This diverse music culture profoundly impacted him, which is apparent through his music even to this day.  

ST’s songs typically have a romantic vibe to them, featuring sensual melodies and touching lyrics. His single “I Need Your Love” featuring Drizabone went on to top the UK charts. However, it’s not mere numbers that have brought him a loyal and ever-growing fan base. Instead, it’s his personality and his genuine respect for women, which shines through his music. Fans can tell through his heartfelt tunes that his feelings are not just for style points.  

Producer Levi Seacer perfectly describes ST’s vocal style. Distinctive, silky, soulfully smooth, and original: a simple yet accurate interpretation. Besides his individual art style, ST has another accomplishment to his name; a BA degree with honors  from the University of California, Davis.  

In ST’s words, “music, it is my love, but not my only love; it’s only 12 notes.” Despite the joke, he takes his craft very seriously. One accomplishment he considers as his greatest is joining in on the happiness movement. His song “I Am Happy” was chosen as the theme song for the I Am Happy Project. As a result, ST got the chance to be the featured performer at Hollywood’s Global Happiness Day. Honorees at the event were Will Smith, Ellen Degeneres, Goldie Hawn, and Robbie Williams.  

He has also recorded as part of the band “Two Things In One”, and a song he wrote for them titled “Stop Telling Me” made an appearance on the Ace Records  Grammy Nominated “Music City Story” Compilation CD/Album liner notes. This saw the induction of ST and his former group TTIO into the Bay Area Blues Society’s  “West Coast Blues Hall of Fame”.  

Another song he wrote when signed with Macola Records titled “Come See Me” was  featured on the “SUN SET STRIP” Compilation Album with hip-hop legends: NW.A (Ice Cube) and Dr. Dre’s “World Class Wreckin’ Cru.”. Not long after that, ST caught the eye of stellar producer Kevin Beamish who worked with him while he was in LA.  

ST’s persistence and determination have all paid off in the end for both him and his Grammy Nominated Producer Levi Seacer, former Music Director of the late PRINCE. His single “Let’s Get Away” also entered the UK Top #10 charts, while his EP “You Can’t Text Love Away” held onto its spot in the UK TOP #10 charts for months. Other tracks from the EP also successfully made it into the UK Top #10 charts.  

Unfortunately, ST’s 2020 tour had to be postponed due to the pandemic. However, he made the most of a challenging situation by going straight to work on new material. His latest single, “It’s All Good”, is also set to release in June 2021, adding to his already extensive catalog of original music. ST thinks of the stage as a home away from home, so he can’t wait to get back to it once the pandemic is over.