It's All Good

Anada Records Presents

Official Release Date 06/18/2021

Let's Get Away

2020, Release-anada records

Charted to Number (#8) UK Soul Charts

"You can't text love away"

2019, Release - anada records stayed in the Top (#10) UK Soul Radio - for several months

"No One Can Replace You. This (EP) Stayed in the UK Top #10 status for several months

No One Can Replace You

2019, RELease-ANADA records The (EP's) first top #10 Single

From The "You Can't Text Love Away" (EP). First single to reach UK Soul Charts Top #10.

"I Need Your Love" featuring drizabone

2016, release-disco soul gold (#1) summer hit single re-mix

Drizabone is one of the UK's top Re-mixers, 

"Simply Sargent Tucker"

2012, release-first solo album-tate Music Group

My First Full-Length Solo Album Release

"I Am happy"

2016, RELeASE-Anada Records

This song became the very First Official Theme Song For the "I Am Happy Project"

"Christmas Unites The Word"-a spiritual song

2014, Anada Records

This track featured #10 year old "Ari on background vocals & The Bay Area's Legendary Jazz Guitarist Carl Lockett

"sunset strip" 12-hot westcoast tracks a compilation album

1990's-Macola records label "Come See Me"- Featured Track

A Compilation Album with: N.W.A Dr Dre's World Class Wreckin' Cru, and Ice Cube.

What Do You Do?

1990's release - Macola Records "12-vinyl single

My third single only on ("12-Vinyl). 

"I Need You Love"

1990's release - a Macola Record label single

My second single label release.